Portable Molecular Detection Instruments. Rapid detection of: Pathogens, Spores, and Fungus; Allergens and Toxins; Antibodies, Antigens, and Nucleic Acids

New detection technology for laboratory, field, and embedded applications.

We provide instruments and reagent kits for applications where fast detection of specific toxins, pathogens, allergens, or nucleic acid sequences are required. Applications include homeland security, environmental monitoring, medical diagnosis, and food safety.

Flexible Research System (SPIRIT™)

A cost effective multiplexed molecular detection systems that is small, simple, and precise.

  • Rugged design enables use in lab or in field
  • Demonstrated detection use on boats, planes, and submersibles
  • Available now for scientific experiments, assay development, and field use prototypes
  • Assays compatible with planned commercial portable and sentinel monitoring systems

Commercial Detection System

Easy to use, fast, portable, detection system

Kits currently available for:

Small Molecules:

Kits currently under development for:

  • Peanut (Ara-h-1)
  • Egg (ovalbumen)

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