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Seattle Sensor Systems is in the business of commercializing molecular detection systems based on portable surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technology. This technology is licensed from University of Washington with which we maintain close ongoing collaborations. The University SPR research benefited from over $10M dollars of government investment over a 10-year period.

Seattle Sensors focus is on migrating SPR technology from laboratory applications to portable and embedded detection solutions for industry. We enable industrial applications where near real time detection of specific toxins, pathogens, and allergens are required. While our detection systems have use in many markets, including homeland security, environmental monitoring, and medical diagnosis, we are initially targeting the food safety market, and in particular, food allergen detection.

Our robust SPR design and packaging allows it to be used for detection on boats, in aircraft, in submersible autonomous vehicles. It is useful in the lab when the end-goal of assay development is to take the measurement system into the field.

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Scientific Advisor: Dr. Clem Furlong

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