Portable and embedded biohazard detection instruments, custom developed for your business needs to provide you with competitive advantage.

Key Advantages to SPR Based Detection

  • Able to detect both toxins, allergens, and pathogens from one sample
  • Fills toxin and molecular detection gap left by genomic sequence techniques
  • Detection results in under 10 minutes
  • Highly compatible with immuno-magnetic bead target extraction and concentration methods
  • Ease-of-use high priority in custom designs
  • Consumable cartridge can be customized to your detection needs
  • Your custom antibodies can be used in isolating, concentrating, and detecting targets

A Model for Collaboration - Contact Seattle Sensors to set up a discussion about your needs and our ability to fulfill them.

A custom application will require joint development of:

  • Sample preparation method (e.g. IMS)
  • Specific, high affinity antibodies to your target (purchased or developed)
  • SPR assay sequence
  • Cartridge customization or redesign (if needed)
  • Base unit customization or redesign (if needed)

We will work collaboratively with you to develop a custom solution for your specific needs.

Phase I - Proof of Concept

  • We work with you to collect your detection requirement
  • You supply representative samples, with and without target
  • We develop the sample preparation method
  • We develop the detection assay
  • We provide a proof-of-concept demonstration on our laboratory instrument
  • You review progress and issue a decision on whether to move on to Phase II.

Phase II - Custom Instrument Development

  • We work with you to collect "Use-case" requirements to guide integration into your process
  • You identify quantity of detection units and number of consumable cartridges needed
  • We create an instrument specification
  • Review specification with your team
  • Develop cartridge and instrument

Phase III - Production, Delivery, Supply line

  • We manufacture instruments
  • We setup supply chain, training, support
  • We deliver production quantity and quality instruments for your use