SPR Portable Assay Development and Detection System

SPIRIT™ - Rugged Molecular Detection Instrument

  • Fast - Less than 10 minute detect
  • Economical - One tenth cost of traditional lab-only systems
  • Sensitive - 100-1000 cfu/ml, PPM-PPB concentration
  • Multichannel - 4 SPR detectors with triplicate measurement per channel
  • Proprietary SPR-Based Detection Technology

Enables researchers to develop their own molecular detection assays and collect publication quality experimental data. Develop your detection assay in your lab and then take the detector into the field. Sensitivity is as good, or better, than SPR instruments costing 5 to 10 times as much.

instrument - SpiritExample steps for assay development:
1) identify antibodies to your target molecule,
2) bind antibodies to gold sensor surface,
3) inject sample into instrument,
4) optimize run parameters,
5) get real time detection results in less than 10 minutes, and
6) download the dataset for additional analysis.

Demonstrated detection of Y. pestis, Ovalbumin, Staph Enterotoxin B (SEB), F. tularensis, B. anthracis, Norwalk VLP, Ricin A, and BG Spores, Ara h 1 (peanut allergen), and others.

See peer reviewed publications here.

Product Features:

  • Precise sensor and sample temperature control
  • Four SPR sensors, each measuring in triplicate
  • Easy sensor access and interchange
  • Portable weight and power
  • Fast detection, under 10 minutes
  • Simple use and interpretation of results

Ideal for Assay Development Followed by Field Detecting of Biohazards Advantages to your research laboratory of a SPIRIT system:

  • Can be used for studying many types of molecular targets
       - antibody/antigen
       - protein/protein
       - protein/nucleic acid
       - protein/ligand
  • Better than ELISA assays because SPIRIT is fully automated and generates data in minutes rather than hours
  • Better than Lateral Flow Assays because measurements are more sensitive and quantitative
  • Biosensor flexibility: Coat sensor surface with antibodies, nucleic acid sequences, receptors, or ligands giving great flexibility in capturing your target
  • Small physical foot print: On-the-shelf storage when experiments are completed
  • Portable: Bench-to-bench or bench-to-field 1.
  • Low investment cost compared to lab based SPR instruments

table 2